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Special Strains

Strain Name
X. hellerii
hellerii Li Xiphophorus hellerii HeLi swordtail

Note: The HeLi strain was created in Gissen, Germany in Prof. Dr. Fritz Anders laboratory by crossing X. variatus (with the Li pigment pattern) with X. hellerii (Lancetilla strain). The strain is maintained by crossing Li-bearing fish with the X. hellerii Lancetilla strain.


Red Albino Xiphophorus hellerii Red Albino swordtail

Note: The Red Albino (RA) strain was commercially obtained from the wholesale company Quality Bred Discus located in Oregon. These fish are assumed to be hybrids. The origin of the albinism mutation is unknown.


X. hellerii albino Xiphophorus hellerii Albino swordtail

Note: The X. hellerii albino ( a/a) strain is derived from the Db-, Rio Lancetilla X. hellerii line (see southern swordtails).  This albino of X. hellerii first arrived in the XGSC in July 2001 as a generous gift from Professor Manfred Schartl , Wurzburg, Germany.