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Xiphophorus Genomes

Stylized picture of X. maculatus overlaid with sequencing gelJanuary 2016: The manuscript describing the X. couchianus and X. hellerii genomes is published in BMC Genomics.


June 2014: A RAD-Tag Genetic Map for X. maculatus is published in Genetics.


March 2013: The manuscript describing the X. maculatus genome is an Open Access Advance Online Publication at Nature Genetics!


See table of resources below for access to a genome browser and other resources.

(image courtesy Tzintzuni Garcia)

 Resources related to the Xiphophorus Genomes




X. maculatus genome manuscript in Nature Genetics (open access)


Link to the X. maculatus genome


X. couchianus and X. hellerii genome manuscript in BMC Genomics

A RAD-Tag Genetic Map for the Platyfish (Xiphophorus maculatus) Reveals Mechanisms of Karyotype Evolution Among Teleost Fish PDF