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Funding and Grants

R24 OD 011120                   
Enhanced Development of the Xiphophorus Model System

Specific Aims are:  (1) To maintain and enhance the Xiphophorus Genetic Stock Center and provide the research community with animals, resources, and databases from genetically managed lines. (2) To sequence and annotate the genomes of X. hellerii, X. couchianus, and X. montezumae. (3) To establish a sperm repository for XGSC stocks and to extend protocols developed in our past project period with other Xiphophorus species.


R25 GM 102783 (Oyajobi)                       
NIH NIGMS                                                                                                
South Texas Doctoral Bridge Program
B. Oyajobi, N. Blake [University of Texas Health Science Center], and R. Booth [University of Incarnate Word] multiple Co-PI’s. 

The Specific aims include: (1) To increase the number of URM students completing thesis-based MS degrees at TxState and ready to matriculate into strong doctoral programs. (2) To enhance the capability of the TxState Bridge Scholars to be competitive for, and gain admission into strong doctoral programs, such as the IMGP at UTHSCSA. The STDBP is poised to take advantage of the rich pool of talented URM students in the South Texas corridor and increase the yield of URM holding doctoral degrees and progressing to successful research careers in those disciplines.


R15 CA 223964 (Lu)                       
Identification of a Tumor Suppressor from the Xiphophorus Genome
Y. Lu and R. Walter [Texas State University] M. Schartl [University of Wuerzburg], and W. Warren [University of Missouri] multiple Co-PI’s. 

Specific aims include: (1) Genotype expressed genes in Xiphophorus benign pigment cell lesions and spontaneous melanoma tumors, and define candidate R(Diff) loci on newly re-sequenced and gap-closed Xiphophorus genome assemblies. (2) Reduce the size of the candidate R(Diff) locus on chromosome 5 by genotyping R(Diff) candidates in large numbers of BC1 hybrid progeny. (3) Evaluate the effectiveness of R(Diff) candidate gene(s) in the ability to regulate the xmrk oncogene in the Xiphophorus pigment lesion cells and the xmrk-Tg medaka model.